Our Story

As publishers, advertisers, marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs, we’ve hit performance marketing from every angle.

From building massive review sites and managing affiliate programs for some of the leading brands to growing SaaS blogs from nothing and establishing info-product businesses–we’ve done it all.

While working on similar projects over the last decade, we saw the same problem with dozens of the businesses we partnered with–most are so consumed with building great products that they overlook performance marketing and struggle to get the right eyes on the amazing tools they’ve built.

Which happens to be something we’re good at. So, we started Stone Press in 2020 to help even more companies scale customer acquisition.

What started as a two-person startup has since grown into a full performance marketing agency of content creation, design, SEO, marketing, outreach, and monetization experts proudly partnering with more than 850 brands of all shapes and sizes.

Our backgrounds, successes, growing pains, and individual experiences make us uniquely able to understand your most pressing problems and develop tailored strategies to solve them.

Our Leadership/Founders

Corry Cummings

Cofounder & CEO

Corry has been building and growing SEO-driven lead generation businesses since 2008. Previously, he was a cofounder and CEO of Soda, a digital media company operating a portfolio of high traffic websites.

Lars Lofgren

Cofounder & Chief Growth Officer

Lars has spent his career driving traffic, lead, conversion, and revenue growth across multiple industries. He got started by leading Marketing and Growth teams at KISSmetrics, then led Growth and Product teams at I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Our Team

Leonardo Botelho

Director of Finance

Alleigh Colleran

Operations Coordinator

Montana Thomas

Head of Revenue

Cait Baker

Head of Transactional Content

Zanna Keithley

Content Operations Manager

Peter Lowe

Growth Specialist

Lauren Knoll

Operations Specialist

Mikki Akins

Staff Writer

Helping companies scale customer acquisition and reach their full growth potential.

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