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Our Cultural Principles

These are the principles that we live by. They’re embedded into our company processes, recruitment, and strategies. If you share these same beliefs, you’ll love working with us.

Embrace Boring

We believe the biggest wins come from doing the same core things over and over again. Instead of dreading routine and discipline, we embrace it.

Master the Basics

We prioritize mastering the basics first. We start with the assumption that there are tremendous wins from mastering the few core items in any area before moving on to more speculative ideas.

Simplicity Before Complexity

When in doubt, always err on the side of keeping things too simple. Every extra bit of complexity must earn its place. This keeps us moving faster, makes projects easier to understand, and prevents us from getting bagged down with systems that have too many moving pieces.

Do the Right Thing

While we’re focused on results and growing our sites, that doesn’t mean we’ll pursue performance at all costs. We do right by our colleagues, partners, audience, and Google.

Own More than Our Fair Share

When working together, we should always be asking ourselves: how can I lessen the load of those around me? Teams work best when everyone is pulling together. And if we all pull together a bit more, we’ll feel that effortless glide from working on a team that’s always in sync.

Work with Intent

As much as we all want to jump in and immediately produce as much work as we can, it’s more important to pause. Are we really working on the most important thing? Work for work’s sake won’t get us anywhere. We must be purposeful with every project that we take on.

Our Employee Benefits

“Office Perks”

100% Remote

No office, our entire company is remote. All we ask is that you’re based in the US.

$1,500 Office Reimbursement When You Join Us

As part of your onboarding, you’ll have up to $1,500 to set up your home office.

$300 Monthly Remote Work Reimbursement

Starting with your second month, you’ll have $300 each month to spend on any work expenses that you have.

Health & Wellness

100% of Health Insurance Covered

We offer the single best health insurance plan we could find. We also cover 100% of the premium for you and all your dependents.

99% of Dental and Vision

Our benefits provider won’t let us cover 100%, so we got as close as we could. We cover 99% of vision and dental for you and all your dependents.

3 Weeks of PTO Per Year

We use an accrual system that begins as soon as you join. Once you’ve accrued hours, use them however you like. When you take PTO, we make sure you can truly disengage from work while you’re out.

18 Paid Holidays

We have many of the standard holidays, including Election Day and Juneteenth. We also take 10 days off for Winter Break during the holidays.


16 Weeks of Parental Leave

We offer 16 weeks of 100 percent paid, job-protected parental leave.

401(k) With a 4% Company Match

The 401(k) and 4% company match are available as soon as you start, there are no waiting periods.

10 Days of Bereavement Leave

If you lose a family member, take up to 10 days off. You can use these 10 days however you like within 3 months.

$50K Life Insurance Policy

Standard for every employee at no extra cost to you.

Our Recruitment Process

We want to be completely transparent with you on how our recruitment process works. This process applies to most of our roles, a few roles will have slightly different steps.

Step 1: Your Application

If you’re interested in a role, fill out the application form and the recruitment process will begin.

Step 2: Phone Screen

This is a short interview with yourself and our Operations team. We’ll go through the recruitment process in a bit more detail and answer any broad company questions that you have.

Step 3: Test Project

This is a paid test project where you get to show off your skills. We pick projects that are as close to your day-to-day work as we can get.

Step 4: 1:1 Interview Round

You’ll meet with the hiring manager for the role and potentially one other person that you’ll be working closely with. These are typical 1:1 interviews. You’ll have a chance to ask them questions and dig into the specifics of your role.

Step 5: Group Interview

This is the last interview. You’ll meet with a cross-section of your immediate team and other folks. The team will have plenty of questions for you. This is also your best opportunity to meet your team, ask them any questions you have, and get a feel for the group that you’ll be joining.

Step 6: Overview Call with One of Our Co-Founders

One of our Co-founders will do a 60 minute call with you to give you a deep understanding of our company. We cover topics like work expectations, our mission, values, expectations of your role, and the not-so-fun parts of working here. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible so you can make the best decision for yourself on whether or not to join our team.

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